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What is Smart Irrigation?

Smart irrigation systems tailor your watering schedules and runtimes automatically to meet specific landscape needs. These systems use information like soil conditions, evapotranspiration rates, sunlight, wind, rainfall amounts and other data to adjust watering rates.  

The experts agree and the science is backed by several controlled research studies. smart irrigation systems versus traditional systems can increase water conservation anywhere from 30-70%


Local Weather Information

Your smart controller can access localized weather information like precipitation levels, evapotranspiration rates and cloud cover to adjust the amount of water applied to your lawn and gardens. 

Site Conditions

Each property is unique in its needs. We set up your controller so it knows the types of vegetation, soil conditions, slope rates and shaded areas. This allows to software to optimize your water use to the site specific conditions.


Save Water and Money

You can lower your water rates up to 70% by using a smart irrigation system. This helps conserve the precious resource while saving you on your watering bill!

Automatic Adjustments

Your smart controller can be set to automatically adjust start times and even skip watering altogether if the soil is still saturated or rain is upcoming. It will see that we got rain yesterday but it only rained 0.02mm, or maybe it was a downpour and we got 25mm of rain, the system will adjust itself accordingly.

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