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Soundscapes for your Backyard

EasyGreen Irrigation is the premier provider of outdoor soundscape solutions. We specialize in providing the highest quality speakers and subwoofers for your outdoor space. Our products come with bluetooth technology so you can listen to your favorite music while you relax outdoors.

We strive to provide superior sound quality and design, so that you can enjoy a truly immersive soundscape experience. With our state-of-the-art products, you can create a unique and beautiful soundscape that is perfect for any occasion.

Backyard Soundscape


EasyGreen Irrigation offers outdoor, weatherproof professional landscape speakers that are designed to provide superior sound quality. Their cutting-edge technology is perfect for customizing soundscapes in any outdoor environment.

Outdoor speakers port elgin

Subtle Design

Landscape speakers that are not only subtle and blend in with your garden or lawn, but also don't look out of place and are the perfect addition to your landscaping. Let our speakers provide you with the perfect soundtrack for your outdoor space.

Outdoor Speaker Southampton

Sound all Around

Our Outdoor Speakers offer superior sound quality and surround sound that will bring life to your patio or outdoor space. Our designs ensures that our speakers are weatherproof and able to withstand any outside conditions while still providing optimal sound quality. Our speakers are designed to provide a balanced sound that will fill your outdoor space with a clear and natural sound. 

satellite speaker outdoor

Bluetooth Control

We install speakers that are Bluetooth-enabled, making them extremely easy to use and allowing you to maintain your soundscape with the touch of a button.

bluetooth controlled outdoor speaker
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